Black Coffee shares his daily itinerary in the national lockdown

Black Coffee reveals his daily itinerary all through the lockdown

shares his daily itinerary all through the nationwide lockdown.

The nationwide lockdown in Mzansi has been trying for most but some have been trying their best to make the most of it. Through out the country, everyone has been subjected to the lockdown to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

While many artistes have been trying to ease all the boredom by dropping new music and hosting online parties for their fans to enjoy, no one knows how they cope on their own. Fortunately, we now know what our favourite celebs do in the comfort of their homes.

According to him, the lockdown actually involves them moving up and down the entire house. Well, not them per se, him. The lockdown involves him moving all over his house and always coming back to the kitchen everytime. He shared the hilarious info via his page, and we’re glad he did.