Black Coffee Shares How His Ex Enhle Mbali Shocked Him

Grammy-winning South African DJ and producer Black Coffee has opened up about how his ex-wife Enhle Mbali shocked him.

After being seen as one of the happiest and strongest couples in the country, Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali shocked fans when they announced their divorce in 2019. The years that followed have seen the couple go back and forth, throwing allegations at each other.

Of course, this has divided their fans and caused much debate on the entertainment scene. Black Coffee recently opened up about an event in their marriage when his ex-wife, Mbali, shocked him. He shared that he bought her an expensive car, and all she said to him was “thanks.”

He said, “One day, I bought my ex a very fancy car, and the response wasn’t what I expected.”

Again, fans were divided by this revelation. While some sided with Coffee, others criticized the Grammy winner for talking too much about his ex, asking him to move on.

@kaMalambule reacted, “Finally, he is speaking his truth. Man has moved on with his life, and he is fine.”

@Wizoskee wrote, “I think a thank you was sufficient. If your heart is in the right place, you should have been okay with that.”

@Mandisa4Real replied, “Even the most ungrateful woman would pretend to be grateful if their partner got them a fancy car. What men don’t get is that sleeping around and apologizing with expensive gifts won’t make women jump for joy.πŸ₯Ί”


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