Black Coffee Shows Off His Sneakers Collection During Interview With DJ Sabby

How much do you know celebrated South African DJ Black Coffee, his fashion sense, and more? Well, you’re about to begin an interesting, revealing journey right now.

In a recent sit-down (video interview) with DJ Sabby and his pal or co-host Lawrence, the songster had spoken on several subjects, from his recently released “Subconsciously” album to Kelly Rowland, showing off his impressive sneakers collection along the way.

In this exclusive interview, the international DJ explained why Kelly Rowland didn’t make his sixth studio album, “Subconsciously,” which featured several fine names in global pop, from Pharrell Williams to RY X.

Also, the songster detailed his buying shares in Gallo Records, one of the oldest and biggest record labels in South Africa. It is clear from the interview that the songster might be ditching house music for something else.

For one with a splendid fashion sense, and one who is always the talk of the fashion-conscious social media denizens, it was inevitable the interview should veer to fashion at some point. Black Coffee wowed his interviewers with his sneakers collection. Apparently the songster has one of the most impressive sneaker collection is South Africa and beyond.

You may want to check out the video interview below and share your thoughts.

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