Black Coffee Shows Up For Pharrell Williams AT His First Louis Vuitton Show

A hand for a hand leaves everyone smiling, right? Anyway, that is the reality of the relationship between South African disc jockey and producer Black Coffee and his American counterpart Pharrell Williams.

When the American held his first Louis Vuitton show, the South African was on the ground to support him. But their relationship dates farther back. For instance, Pharrell Williams had featured on Black Coffee’s album “Subconsciously,” which won a Grammy Award soon after its release. The two of them reportedly have a close relationship.

On that count, of course, it was easy inviting the South African over for the Louis Vuitton show. He honoured it and also shared about it on his Instagram page. In the post, he congratulated the collaborators, Pharrell and Louis Vuitton. You can check it out below.

South Africa throbs with many disc jockeys, but Black Coffe appears to be in a world all his own – the most visible disc jockey of South African provenance. Some of his admirers even call him God’s Very Own because of what they see as divine preferment in his life.

By the way, Black Coffee might not be the first South African to min a Grammy but he is the first DJ of Spouth African origin to win it.

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