Black Coffee Slams Fan For Checking Price Of His Hoodie

is one of the most loved disc jockeys from South Africa, and many look up to him, including follow celebs.

Some of his fans have made it a habit of checking the price of his clothes. It is more like a little game, and the songster doesn’t much care about the interest in the cost of his markedly expensive clothes.

However, this time actually took a shot at a fan who had gone online to check the price of his Amiri hoodie. The value of the hoodie (over R12k) had shocked the fan and he shared his findings online.

Black Coffee, who had been unimpressed with the curiosity in his hoodie and the sharing of the hoodie’s value, asked whoever would listen to imagine dating a guy who is always checking the price tag of men’s clothes.

His response elicited mixed reactions. Some Twitter users applauded him, describing his response as savage and fitting for the bloke. Other fans thought ‘s response was unnecessary because the fan had actually done what he did out of admiration, and yet others said they want to be as rich as the celebrated DJ when they grow up.

What do you think, though?

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