Black Coffee Takes Nota Baloyi To Court

The war continues for celebrated disc jockey and producer Black Coffee and controversial music critic Nota Baloyi.

Black Coffee had reputedly taken Nota to court and the two are set to appear at the Randburg Magistrate Court.

Days ago, Nota had been assaulted by the police and his phone reportedly taken from him. Suspecting Black Coffee, he had run to the courts seeking a protective order against both the renowned DJ and the police.

In an Instagram post, who had previously apologized to Black Coffee for his actions, had claimed that Black Coffee’s lawyer’s threatened to sue him but he made a meal of their threats.

He added that the granting of a protection order against back Coffee is proof that there was sufficient evidence against the international DJ and producer. He also said it was time for brands and public figures that have been associating with the DJ to bury their links with him.

Nota tagged some global music figures like Beyoncé and Diddy hoping for their intervention in the matter. Last we checked, neither of them had intervened in the matter. And it is doubtful they will.

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