Black Coffee To Pay R8m SARS Bill Instead Of 40M Rands

Black Coffee set to pay R8m SARS bill instead of R40m after negotiations

Black Coffee negotiates with SARS to pay R8m instead of the owed R40m.

Yesterday, news broke that Black Coffee’s financial woes were actually more serious than we thought they were. The Internationally renowned DJ was previously in the news following reports that his ex-wife, Enhle Mbali was asking that he pay millions in her legal fees, and more.

Now, we hear the “Lalala” hit maker is owing up to R40m in unpaid tax according to the South African Revenue Services, SARS. While that is a whopping sum, he’s gone to court and negotiated the payment down to R8m. New reports have revealed that he will be selling off a few properties in order to pay off the 8 million.

The news has shocked fans who took to social media to sympathise with the “SBCNCSLY” hit maker. Enhle Mbali has also faced a lot of backlash for all she’s asking from their divorce. We all hope Coffee is alright.

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