Black Coffee Trends Again Over His Damaged Hand

Dream Comes True For Black Coffee – Set To Perform At Madison Square Garden, New York

Black Coffee’s hand has been a subject of conversation for as long as one can remember. It snagged attention once again as tweeps debated his hand and why he always has his left hand in his pocket.

The reason for that is actually tragic – a tragedy that erupted in the middle of good news for the black race in South Africa back in the 90s. By his own account, he was in the streets with others at night keeping vigil, as they had all heard that Nelson Mandela would be released around that period.

Out of nowhere, a car came careening through the crowd. It hit him on the hand and he was hospitalised. He has had issues with the hand ever since. He recalled losing sensation in the hand and even contemplated cutting it. But he has retained it nonetheless.

But he always has the left hand in his pocket – perhaps not to bring attention to it and not to elicit pity. But now and then, some social media users make jokes about his hand. The most infamous of those jokes was made by Chris Excel, an infamous catfish account.

But those who know the history of that hand have also been trying to educate the ignorant, noting how he is easily the most successful international DJ of South African provenance at the moment despite his disability.