Black Coffee Will Produce For Sjava If He Assist A Man’s Talent

DJ Black Coffee wants to promote a talented singer, whose videos have gone viral.

Internationally-acclaimed DJ, Black Coffee, wants to promote an old man with talent similar to that of Sjava. So, he has called out Sjava to assist the man, whom he thinks needs an opportunity. He stated that the gifted man will be the perfect person to work with Sjava on a track. He also promised to produce the track.

Black Coffee posted on Twitter:

I’ve been seeing a lot of videos of this gifted gentleman, I think he’s amazing just needs opportunity I think you two can really vibe on a track, I can produce it for you. Let’s find him

Videos of the talented man had gone viral and Twitter users are helping with discovering the location of the name.

A Twitter user revealed the name of the gifted man to be ‘Sphuzo.’ A Twitter user with username @BrianMzobe2 wrote:

His name is “Sphuzo”,an absolute entertainer and he’s about 10 km’s from where my home

@RealBlackCoffee and @Sjava_atm. he reside in a small local place called Betania just across Gamalakhe location
Another one tweeted:
@RealBlackCoffee@Sjava_atm I know him, umkhulu kamakoti waBhuti wami. We’re trying to get ahold of him but his current number is not available. His in Port Shepston so we’re trying to get umuntu oseduze naye with a reliable phone number

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