Black Coffee Woos Kenya During Thronged Show

Celebrated disc jockey and producer showed once again that he’s a maestro of the decks and turntables as he played at the Nairobi Racecourse in Kenya and charmed those in attendance.

The event was thronged by Kenyans desirous of having a wonderful time, and Black Coffee, alongside other musicians, made sure they had what they came for.

It had been a fulfilling week for the songster, who had previously performed in the United States and shouted out, via Instagram, those who had showed up for him and those who had made his performance possible.

The Kenyan show was but a fine addition to a long list of performances around the world. At the Kenyan show, which was sponsored by Hennessey, the drinks flowed freely and party-goers had a wonderful time.

The Kenyans were in the mood to part and were grateful to the South African, who showed up to give them a great time on the dance floor.

Easily the most visible international disc jockey of South African provenance, is celebrated home and abroad and many look up to him. He may have had a bitter split from wife Enhle Mbali, but he’s still out there, pushing and winning.

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