Black Coffee’s Expensive Sneakers & Jacket Cause Stir Online

Black Coffe is one South African celeb who stands out for his sense of style, and many people look up to him, with some expressing that they would like to be just as successful in the future. The celebrated disc jockey and producer recently snagged attention when he shared a picture of him rocking a designer jacket and sneakers.

As a rule, the Grammy-winning musician never shares the cost of the designer stuff he wears. But his compatriots have a habit of checking out the costs online when he turns up in splendid outfits – like now.

Many not only complimented his sartorial elegance but also noted how expensive his limited-edition sneakers were. Others pointed at the jacket, noting it is something they had seen on Steve Harvey previously. You can check out the comments below.

Of course, Black Coffee did not respond to the whole interest his clothing elicited online. It is actually not his style to comment when the public begins the conversation on what he wears and the costs.

One thing is clear from all of this, however: The celebrated musician continues to inspire his countrymen to aim higher and live better. All is possible if they are ready to put in the work.

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