Black Coffee’s Expensive Turtleneck Provokes Debate in Mzansi

Celebrated international disc jockey and producer Black Coffee is surely living the life – what many aspire to but might not attain. Known for rocking designers about town, Black Coffee gave fans a other glimpse of his taste in expensive designer wears when he rocked a yellow Dior and Amoako Boafo turtleneck reportedly worth R44k. 

Black Coffee’s life and the way he dresses are meat for the public. Now and then some of his tans take to find out the costs of gear – or should we say apparel – from clothes to sneakers to what have you. 

So the recent curiosity over his turtleneck is nothing surprising. Now and then, Black Coffee would get irritated by those seeking the price tag to the stuff on him, and he would lash out at them. 

While some fans were surprised at the cost of the turtleneck, others were not. In fact, some of them insisted that black Coffee is a dollar millionaire and the cost of the the clothing is but loose change to him. 

What do you think of Black Coffee’s R44k turtleneck and the interest it is currently generating? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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