Black Coffee’s New Album, SBCNCSLY, To Feature Kelly Rowland, Jesse Clegg, and Pharell Williams

Black Coffee's upcoming album will feature notable foreign artists.

Internationally-acclaimed disc jockey and record producer, Black Coffee, has taken to social media to release the latest visual trailer for his new album titled ‘SBCNCSLY.’

The multi-award-winning DJ revealed that he collaborated with notable artists such as Kelly Rowland and Pharrell Williams.

The video Black Coffee shared displayed his studio sessions with the popular artists he collaborated with on the highly-anticipated album. He also reflected on working with Pharrell Williams, the widely-acclaimed American musician and producer.

Check out the video:

In other news, the multi-award-winning DJ dominated the social media space as his live stream had more than 84,000 viewers. Thousands of viewers surprisingly tuned in to watch Black Coffee’s 90-minute live stream.

This shows that the ‘Lalala’ hitmaker has a huge and dedicated fan base. Following the recent outbreak of coronavirus, the people of Mzansi have been forced to remain at home to combat the spread of the virus.

Black Coffee announced that he would be holding a live stream and his fans were definitely prepared to watch him perform. Reports have it that the performance was a success as thousands of viewers stormed social media to view his performance.

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