Black Motion, DBN Gogo & Others Launch Ruby Apple Spritzer 620ml Grand Luxe

It was a night of many laughs, convivial company as the musicians DBN Gogo, Black Motion and others launched the new Brutal Fruit 620ml Grand Luxe.

The latest addition to the Brutal Fruit family glittered in the jozi night on the Leonardo Hotel, which is said to be the tallest in Africa.

The Brutal Fruit range is reportedly most loved by women. It wasn’t surprising, then, that the launch of Ruby Apple Spritzer 620ml Grand Luxe drew several accomplished ladies in different industries in the Rainbow Nation.

The launched was filed by FPV drones. And one must admit that the drones actually took perfect shots, of both the building of the launch and its exclusive guests.

The new product from Brutal Fruit is as much a testament of the feminine spirit as it is one celebrating wins, big or small, personal or not, and amplifying the win by winning some more.

So, whenever you feel like it is time to pop the bottle and celebrate your win, big or small, you may want to look in the direction of a drink made for celebration: Brutal Fruit’s Ruby Apple Spritzer 620ml Grand Luxe.

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