Black Motion Perform Their Upcoming Single “Xxiki Wawa” And Fans Are Loving It

South African boy band Black Motion performed an upcoming song of theirs recently and fans literally screamed in excitement. “Xxiki Wawa” is the song that got fans in the mood for a good time.

Murdah Bongz, one of the members of the two-man band, shared a teaser of the song on his Instagram page, and his band mate, Thabo Smol, did the same. The responses to both were similar: a storm of the flame emoji. So fans are into the song already and just can’t wait for the full feast.

The song has not been officially released. But with the reception it has already received, the full song will most likely be a hit among fans – you might say the populace.

Well, when the full song should drop, we would bring it to you right here. In order not to miss it, you might want to follow our social media channels as well as subscribe to our newsfeed and stay tuned for updates.

What do you think of Black Motion’s performance of their upcoming “Xxiki Wawa” tune? Are you into the song, like others fans of the duo? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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