Black Motion Shares Snippet Of Collaborative Work With Sun-EL Musician

South African band Black Motion is 10 years on the music scene this year, and the group isn’t done with the music just yet. More songs are on the way. And an album, too.

For those who are curious what the two-man band has been up, well, it appears the band has been very busy in the studio, working on songs to celebrate a decade on the music scene in South Africa.

The real thing may not be ready yet, but fans have a chance to listen to a snippet of it. The group shared the snippet on Instagram a day ago. Although untitled, fans get to know the song features Sun-El Musician, another artiste of South African provenance.

The said song is reportedly part of the group’s imminent album.

If the quality of the released snippet should clue us in on what to expect, we may well say the imminent song is going to appeal to a large audience. The tone is celebratory, uplifting. You should listen to the song.

From the snippet released by the “Bloodstream” duo, do you have an idea what exactly is on the way? You’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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