Black Motion’s Thabo On Zodwa Wabantu Sex Claims

Zodwa apparently tossed Black Motion’s Thabo in a tight spot when she admitted she had slept with him. The two were recently seen together.

Known for her risque dance moves, the celebrated dancer continued on her risque path in a recent sit-down with local comedian Lazizwe on the third episode of his Drink or Tell the Truth podcast on YouTube.

The idea behind the name for the podcast id that guests on the show that are reluctant to tell the truth when a question is thrown at them would have to drink from a (supposedly bitter) cup the host had prepared.

Zodwa Wabantu had no time for the bitter stuff. She readily admitted she had slept with the Black Motion member when asked about the last person she “went home with.” She also claimed that the songster had a girlfriend at the time.

While not denying he had a sexual encounter with Zodwa Wabantu, Thabo insisted they had that encounter before he was in a relationship. Those words contradicted Zodwa Wabantu’s

Anyway, clearly Mzansi wasn’t expecting the liaison between the two, so the news of their sexually provoked incredulity across the country

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