Black Twitter Drags Simphiwe Dana For Calling SA Men Gold Diggers

Simphiwe Dana gets dragged on Twitter for saying SA men are gold diggers and bottom of barrel

Simphiwe Dana gets dragged on Twitter for calling SA men gold diggers.

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As always, we never know what the full story is when some of favourite celebs flare up and say hurtful things on social media. A lot of female celebs have called out some of the country’s men for not treating them well. A few weeks back, Moonchild revealed that she no longer dates SA men which didn’t go down well.

Recently, popular singer, Simphiwe Dana took to Twitter to call out SA men for being “gold diggers” and “bottom of barrel”. Of course that’s pretty insulting but the talented singer detailed her reasons for saying it. She revealed that the women pay their (men) bills and do everything for them and still never get credit for it.

Of course, this didn’t sit well with some of her followers who called her out for it. A twitter user, Malambane accused her of being bitter because she was dumped by a Zambian man. He also accused her of having two kids from different ben10s.


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