Black Twitter Wants Akon Canceled After Saying Africans Are Better Performer Than African-American

Black Twitter wants to cancel Akon for saying Africans are better performers than African Americans.

New day, new drama. Akon seems always to be caught in the midst of drama lately. The “Ghetto” singer’s comments in a recent interview on The Zeze Millz Show rubbed African Americans the wrong way, and they’re calling on him to be canceled.

The Senegalese singer said that Africans are better performers than African Americans. According to him, Black performers hit the stage with their pants sagged and an attitude that proves that they’re either high or bored as h**l. He said that African performers are built different.

He said that performing comes naturally for Africans and referenced kids in Uganda who have dominated YouTube and social media with clips of them dancing to viral songs. The singer’s comments did not sit well with African Americans, and they took to social media to express their distaste.

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