Blaklez Announces New Release Date For Bear Energy & Lost Diamonds Feat. Pdot O

Blaklez reveals new release dates for "Bear Energy" and "Lost Diamonds" Featuring PdotO

Blaklez announces brand new dates for his new projects “Bear Energy” and “Lost Diamonds” featuring PdotO and they are both dropping next week.

Even though the airwaves have been flooded with new music for a while now, we were all anticipating the release of Blaklez and PdotO’s collaborative album “Lost Diamonds”. The album was initially scheduled to drop on Friday, August 21 but the date was rescheduled.

The “Lepara” rapper had also previously announced that his highly anticipated project “Bear Energy” was ready. He also revealed that it would be released after the collaborative album drops. We had no idea that he meant their dates would only be a day apart from each other.

He has now revealed new dates for the releases. “Lost Diamonds” has been rescheduled to drop on Thursday, August 27 while “Bear Energy” will be released a day after that on Friday the 28th. You might want to check them both out.

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