Blaklez Announces Upcoming Short EP Titled “Dark Dindi”

It looks like Mzansi is in for great showtime as the showman Blaklez announces a new extended play (EP) titled “Dark Dindi.”

The announcement itself, coming at a time Blaklez informed fans of a forthcoming joint project with PDot O titled “Lost Diamonds,” suggests a creative fever. But who is complaining? Blaklez fans are in fact excited about the new announcement, which should give them more numbers to feast on.

“Dark Dindi,” according to Blaklez, will be a “short” EP. How “short” exactly, he didn’t say. But then our guess is that the EP will have no more than 5 tracks – most possibly fewer. Also, we think the songs will be about experiences on the continent.

“Coming Soon” as part of the caption announcing the imminence of the EP is pretty laconic. But then, having announced the body of work, he surely will release it – for the sake of fidelity, at least. We are following him closely and will bring you “Dark Dindi” the EP as soon as it drops.

Have you any expectations regarding the forthcoming body of work? Perhaps you have an idea the number of tracks the EP will house? We should love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

John Israel A

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