Blaklez On The Current State Of South African Hip Hop

South African hip hop has been a subject of sporadic interrogation, with rappers and others interested in the field sharing their thoughts on it.

At some point, some industry players were of the view that South African hip hop was dead, especially with the rapid stream of artists from the genre into amapiano.

But what is the current state of South African hip hop? Is it as good as, or can it be compared to before? Well, key industry player Blaklez has got a few words to say about it.

In a post on his official X account, the songster shared an optimistic outlook on South African hip hop, pointing out that there are quality projects out there and South African hip hop is in a great space.

He also hailed the musicians for the trouble to go to put such great works together. While the industry isn’t perfect, the quality of the projects out there is enough to give him confidence about more quality projects following. You can check out the post below.

Blaklez On The Current State Of South African Hip Hop 2

Blaklez might not be heard of these days as much as he was in the past, but the songster has already earned a secure spot in the industry.

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