Blaklez Says His 2015 Album, “A Broken Man’s Dream” Is His best

Blaklez says 2015 album, "A Broken Man's Dream" is his best

Blaklez hypes his 2015 album “A Broken Man’s Dream”, and says it is his best album.

If Mzansi rapper, Blaklez says that he created a dope album, you best believe it because he’s known to always deliver. The “Lepara” rapper may have had his feelings hurt years back when he dropped his 2015 album “A Broken Man’s Dream”.

According to him, some of the feedback he got for it wasn’t nice. He also revealed that Slikour said it was too dark. However, the rapper is rising above that and standing by his material. He recently took to Twitter to proclaim the album his best.

He insinuated that the album has made it fashionable to rap about socially conscious issues in Mzansi right now. Well, we’ll definitely take his word for it because everyone knows the album is laced full with matters that start conversations about social issues. You might want to listen to it again.

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