Blaklez Speaks Out On Artists & Promoters Being Irresponsible During Pandemic

Blaklez speaks out about the irresistibility of Mzansi artists and promoters during the Covid pandemic.

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, the entertainment industry has suffered huge blows. At first, so many things were shut down. Fortunately, things are slowing going back to normal but some artists and promoters have still been irresponsible with their dealings.

“Lepara” hit maker, Blaklez recently took to his social media pages to speak out about the pandemic, and artists’ irresponsibility. According to him, the numbers continue to rise, and artists & promoters are not helping matters. He urged them to be careful of all the signals they’re sending out.

He also stated that artists should use their influence to encourage the fans to do the right thing. This is amazing coming from him. Some concert goers usually violate the Covid restrictions. It would be nice to see more people following the rules just so we can all remain safe.

John Jabulani

John is a music and media enthusiast who has created content for several years. He is also a singer and a songwriter. He is fascinated by stories behind hit songs and also by the artists who create them.

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