Blaq Diamond Duo Reveals They Used To Be Rappers

Blaq Diamond reveals they started out as rappers before singing

Blaq Diamond reveals they used to be rappers before becoming singers.

Were you shocked like we were to hear that? The popular Blaq Diamond duo have dropped the kind of tunes that have stuck to our heads since we heard them. While we love their voice, we are still surprised to hear they were once rappers.

Actually, the truth is, was their initial musical foundation before they expanded to singing. A recent clip shared on Ambitiouz Entertainment’s Instagram account sees the award-winning duo talking about it during a radio interview. They revealed they actually met in a bus while in the same high school.

Apparently, they used to be involved in freestyles before they became acquainted. We know you’re wondering who was a better rapper. You’d have to watch the clip below to figure that out. Hopefully, they get to drop a full rap joint. That’s would be flames.

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