Blaq Diamond Featuring Jay-Z…?

Controversial record label Ambitiouz Entertainment has just announced that key assets Blaq Diamond have a song with celebrated American rapper -Z on the way.

Blaq Dianond, a band of two, have not themselves said anything about working with -Z anytime soon.

Anyway, with Ambitiouz Entertainment tweeting that the pals have a forthcoming song with the American, social media has been abuzz. The reactions have been mixed, with some Twitter users laughing at the tweet and making it clear that the record label cannot afford -Z’s fees.

Some joked that Ambitiouz should continue in its ambitious moves. By the way, this isn’t the first time the record label would make a wild statement regarding an American rapper. Previously the the label had stated it wanted to sign Kendrick Lamar.

The tweet about signing Kendrick Lamar elicited wild laughter online, with some social media users stating that the wardrobe of the rapper alone could buy Ambitiouz Entertainment.

Anyway, it remains to be seen if Ambitiouz is joking in its claim Blaq Diamond has a -Z-featured song loading. See the tweet below.

Are you looking forward to a -Z Black Diamond collaboration? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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