Blonded by Frank Ocean Unveils New T-Shirts

American rapper Frank Ocean continues his business adventures by unveiling new T-shirts and posters for his Blonded brand.

The selections come in different colors, including black and white. One of the T-shirts bears the brand name of the clothing line and another bears an image of Frank Ocean himself. Talk of subtle self-promotion.

The unveiling of these T-shirts follows another big win in Frank Ocean’s carer. He’d launched his luxury brand, Homer, as well as collaborated with another luxury brand, Prada, for a limited-edition collection.

If you care to snap some of the T-shirts from Blonded, they’re readily available at the official store of the brand. The T-shirt with the Blonded inscription will set you back by $75 and for the photo T-shirt, you will have to pay $80.

With his fashion adventures, Frank Ocean joins an elite league of musicians who have delved into the world of fashion as well. He joins the likes of and Drake.

Born in 1987, Frank Ocean, whose real name is Christopher Edwin Breaux, started his musical career soon after. In the course of his career, he’s released songs like “White Ferrari,” “Thinkin Bout You” and “Godspeed.” The lure of fashion was too strong to ignore, though.

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