Blood Clots And Fibrosis: Zoleka Mandela Gives Update On Health Woes

She ZOleka Mandela is going through one hell of an experience that she wouldn’t even wish on an enemy. But life happened, and here she is, battling cancer and other afflictions.

To her credit, she has had the courage to share her experiences, indirectly giving hope to others in their afflictions. Her latest update is that recent checks indicated she had blood clots and fibrosis. These explain the chest pain she had been experiencing of recent.

She got the diagnosis following a CT scan, according to her. Now, her doctor has advised s treatment plan for her. Her treatment will involve blood thinners and oral chemotherapy.

Zoleka has been battling cancer and other afflictions for a while. Each passing day seems to bring in more painful news about her health. Still, you will most likely always find her with a smile, sharing her story with courage.

Since she started sharing about her battle with cancer and other afflictions, she has earned a robust following online, with fans checking the latest update on her health and wishing her a quick recovery from all that affects her.

Hopefully, that miracle of healing that she earnestly seeks envelopes her soon. Yes, it is possible.

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