Blood & Water’s Season 2 Is Loading!

Fans rejoice as news breaks that Netflix’s season 2 is loading.

If you’re a big fan of the popular African Netflix original series, Blood & Water, then this should really excite you. The second season of the highly acclaimed show is currently being filmed. Yes, that’s great news for all of us.

The announcement was made by the show’s director, Nophiso Dumisa via Netflix’s social media pages. Of course, that was enough to make the fans go crazy. Fans were even very much convinced when on Monday, October 12, one of the show’s stars, shared a selfie with her co-stars Thabang Molaba and Arno Greeff. Everyone flipped.

Fans have waited for the announcement of a second season for many months now. The popular show drew in a lot of fans across Africa and the world after it premiered on Netflix. We can’t wait to see what they deliver this time around.

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