Blueface Addresses Leaking Of Photos Showing Son’s Genitals

A day hardly passes without one drama or the other playing out on the internet. The latest drama involves Blueface, who is being excoriated following the leaking of a photo showing his son’s genitals.

The rapper, 26, is claiming that his phone was stolen and his Twitter account hacked after the picture, which had a graphic description, popped on his account on the platform.

In the caption to the picture, he noted that he had a baby with a crack baby. He blamed himself for it, though, noting that he tried to get an abortion but somehow it never happened. The post was made on Sunday and elicited outrage from social media denizens.

The outrage was so pronounced that the image was soon deleted. But the dust over the posting is yet to settle down, even with Blueface addressing it in a post a day after.

In the post he made soon after the image went out on his official account, he noted that his phone was stolen and he had just gotten another.

The claim that he wasn’t the one who made the post showing his baby’s genitals left some social media users unconvinced, with some claiming he merely used a hack and a stolen phone to avoid taking responsibility for a big fail on his part.

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