Blxckie Celebrates Dropping Two Music Videos – Watch

South African rapper Blxckie has just done what he calls the first of its kind, releasing the music video of two songs. “Together” and “Investigate” at the same time.

Of course, he isn’t the first to do that. But hi,m saying it is the first of its kind shows just how excited he is about what he has just done. The songster took to Instagram, where he shared snippets of the videos, and then directed fans to YouTube, where they could watch the complete clips.

The releases elicited mixed reactions from his fans, one of whom noted that Blxckie releasing a lot of videos recently suggests he might have been traumatized by his past struggles. AN not he appears he’s trying to make up for the past.

Either way, Blxckie has indeed come a long way as a musician and is uninterested in embracing the struggles of the past. In fact, his growth as a rapper has been nothing short of inspiring.

With a robust belief in self and a corresponding commitment to his art, the songster has been able to side within a short period, earning the tag of South Africa’s rap prince and earning on Apple Music and other critical platforms.

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