Blxckie Charms South Africans With Clip Of Him Doing His Girlfriend’s Makeup – Watch

Blxckie Reacts To Nelly Furtado’s Praise For Their Unfinished Song; Fans Anticipate Release

South African rapper Blxckie has something beautiful going on for him in his relationship with his girlfriend Hermosa. At least he showed this aspect of their relationship once again.

In a video currently making the rounds online, the songster could be seen doing Hermosa’s makeup. The video resonated with many South Africans, who praised the couple for the beauty of their relationship. As far as most of the rapper’s fans are concerned, the chemistry between him and his girl runs pretty deep, and they would love to have something similar in their relationship.

Blxckie became a hot cake among the ladies when he became famous. In fact, at some point, some ladies had fought publicly in their attempts to claim him as theirs. Anyway, Hermosa is the lady in the picture right now, and it is obvious he is having a wonderful time with the muso.

Such is the beauty of their current relationship that some fans are already modelling their future relationships on the same. Can you beat that?

Blxckie might be one of the top voices in South African music at the moment. But it wasn’t an easy ride at the outset. But deliberate commitment to his craft has seen him leap to the top.