Blxckie Responds To Nasty C Getting Praised For Putting Him On

SA Hip Hop star Blxckie has responded to Nasty C getting praised for putting him and several others on.

Nasty C is one of South Africa’s and Africa’s most prominent rappers. However, the star has helped put several others on and earned praise for that. Speaking in the Destination Africa interview, he opened up about doing that.

Nasty said, “The one guy that I was gonna say who is already making crazy moves, I think he is in the States right now doing like a promo thing, Blxckie, one of my favourites,”

“There is a lot of others, there’s KKeed as well also coming up, and there is a girl called Anica from Capetown; she is also sick, man, there’s so many man, Dee Koala. There is a guy called Maglera Doe Boy, I really really mess with like the way he approaches his music; he’s very poetic, very smart guy, he’s a hood guy, so when people see him, they expect him to say some typical hood stuff, he’s very smart man.”

A fan tweeted a shout-out to the “Eazy” rapper for helping out others including Blxckie on. The tweet got a reaction from Blxckie who commented “real.”

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