Blxckie Shares How He Got Two Features On AKA’s “Mass Country” Album

SA Hip Hop star Blxckie has revealed how he snagged two features on AKA’s new album “Mass Country.”

Fans of the late rapper AKA are thrilled to finally have his long-awaited album. The project met expectations for most. Fans were also delighted to hear Blxckie on two of the album’s tracks.

The rapper always delivers dope verses for the artists who feature him in songs. He appeared on Zingah’s Podcast “Chopping It With Bhuda T,” where he spoke about getting the features.

He said, “It was actually the second time in studio. So the thing with Kiernan is like, I think he’d only want to hit me up like when he’s sure you know what I mean. After the first session, we did one song and then like we were just like rambling other songs.”

He also shared that he reached out to the Supa Mega again when he found out he was completing the album. “We didn’t speak for a long time, I just saw him at like shows and stuff like that, then I saw that he was wrapping up the album then I was like, you got to have the hottest.”

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