Blxckie’s ‘B4Now’ (Deluxe) Album Drops August 13th

For fans who have been wondering when Blxckie’s “B4Now’ (Deluxe)” album will drop, the songster has shared that crucial detail.

In a post to Instagram a couple of hours ago today August, 6, Blxckie informed fans that “B4Now’ (Deluxe)” will be out on August 13 – exactly seven days from now. He also informed fans that he had added 8 new songs to the original tracklist. So those looking for a larger feast are in for exactly what they desire.

He also thanked everyone who has been following his story and listening to his music, letting them know that “Joy,” a collaborative single with Nigeria’s Oxlade, is already out. There’s so much he wants to do and say, all for the benefit of his fans. Well, they gotta wait.

For those who want to be the first to listen to Blxckie’s “B4Now’ (Deluxe)” album, you’re in luck, as a preorder link is already active.

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