Boeing 737 Crashes Into Remote China Mountains

Boeing 737, a Chinese passenger jet carrying 132 people plummeted 30,000 ft from the sky to the ground leaving no survivors.

According to reports, a passenger jet carrying a total of 132 people has crashed in the remote mountains of China and burst into flames. It’s been revealed that the Boeing 737 plane nosedived from 30,000 feet before crashing into the hillside where it immediately erupted into a huge fire.

The unfortunate incident happened near the city of Wuzhou in Teng county in the southern province of Guangxi. According to a rescue official, the plane had disintegrated while a caused by the crash burned through the bamboo and trees.

In a shared statement, President Xi Jinping shared that he was “shocked” by the incident. He immediately ordered an investigation into the cause of the crash. In a statement to MailOnline, an aviation expert said that the crash may have been caused by “a loss of control”, or several other factors.

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