Bogus PhDs Latest: Shauwn Mkhize Catches Strays As Sello Maake Is Honoured With A “PhD”

South African businesswoman Shauwn M<khize has been catching stray bullets after thespian Sell Maake KaNcube and other figures in the entertainment industry were honoured with honorary PhDs.

The Phds were dimmed bogus and therefore of no value, leading to mordant tunes from some quarters about the award. That was where Shauwn was dragged in because she herself had been honoured with a PhD by an obscure body years ago.

Back then, she was excited to have been honoured with the degrees and celebrated the same online. Since then, she has been flaunting the title of Dr. End of story, right? Well, not really.

Since Sello received the honorary PhD from Trinity International Bible University, many South Africans have been reminding Shauwn Mkhize that her story was similar and the honorary degree she received was just as bogus and not respectable.

With the Sello doctorate, many South Africans who had forgotten about Shuwn Mkhize’s quickly remembered and started dragging her over it. Some pointed out that honorary doctorates are now being abused and sold to the highest bidder. You can check out the post below.

It remains to be seen how Shauwn Mkhize will react to the latest round of dragging. Stay tuned.

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