Boity Addresses Critics Doubting Her Skill As A Rapper

“Wuz Dat”! Y’all still doubting Boity’s rapping gift? Come on mates, the songstress has got the thing in her. Let her address you on this. Yes?

Boity has been on the music scene for some time now – a brief period, you may say – but she has done quite well as an artiste. Her recent successes include a Billboard magazine feature and a signing to Def Jam.

She may have garnered accolades as well as awards, but there are those who still doubt her rapping gift. She has never doubted herself, however. And, she doesn’t much bother anyone should doubt her rapping abilities.

In a recent interview with TimesLive, the songstress made it clear that some people still doubt the rapping gifts of even supposedly more famous figures like Nasty C, Jay-Z and Drake. So doubting her doesn’t change anything for her. Let them doubt.

According to Boity, who is also a sangoma or native healer, she chooses to focus her energy of perfecting her craft and growing with her fans. She admits she still has a long way in her musical journey. Going forward, she would turn her doubters to believers.

Sounds like a testament of faith. Or what do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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