Boity And Emtee Are Hitting The Studio

SA Hip Hop artists Boity and Emtee will be hitting the studio after he reached out to her for a feature, and she accepted.

What happens when two elephants dance? Of course, the ground feels it. The music industry is about to feel the impact of having Boity and Emtee on a song together. We are shaking with excitement.

Who knew you could get something cooking by sharing a few tweets? It all started when the “Brand New Day” star tweeted at Boity asking if she would jump on a feature with him, and she accepted. He wrote, “@Boity ke kopa feature,”

In response, Boity wrote, “I’m ready when you are, G.” Emtee then tweeted, “Oh, it’s on.” Boity also announced she had returned to the studio after taking time off. She even dropped an unofficial remix for “Sosh Plata” by Loatinover Pounds. Emtee also announced he had hit the studio.

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