Boity Asks Fans To Suggest A Car For Her To Buy

SA Hip Hop star Boity Thulo has asked fans to suggest a good whip for her to buy as she plans changing her Range Rover Lumma.

If you have money to spend, nothing will ever seem too pricey for you. Mzansi star Boity Thulo has had so much success in her career. Of course, she has the money to spend, and she only buys things that would be of great use to her.

For a while, Boity has driven the Range Rover Lumma CLR R8 Sport V8. The star seems to be tired of the SUV and wants to change to something new. Taking to Twitter, she asked her fans for suggestions on what car to buy.

They were excited to help and suggested the Lamborghini Urus, Maserati Levante, Mercedes Benz Maybach GLS600, BMW M-badge cars, and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Boity has been in the news a lot later. She recently revealed to a fan that she does not have a university degree. According to reports, she dropped out of Monash because her mother could not afford the fees. The star also made headlines when she shared a video of her first time meeting Toss, who was star-struck. It was a hilarious video.

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