Boity Hungry To Join The League Of Jet Owners

Mzansi rapper Boity has never hidden her love for the good life. One of her earnest dreams right now is to own a private jet. She articulated this dream in a recent tweet that elicited mixed reactions.

Taking to Twitter yesterday 5 July 2020, the songstress made known her desire, stating the universe will do the rest. Actually it wasn’t the first time she had spoken of her desire to own a jet. A few weeks earlier she had stated her desire in one day joining the league of jet owners.

It is said her desire is for a Gulfstream, one of the finest business jets in the sky. The exact model of her infatuation is unknown. Some fans would rather say a jet is a jet. LOL.

At any rate, having articulated her desire, it is possible she might own one in the coming days. Her singing gift and entrepreneurial spirit have earned her millions and a nice ride. They might as well provide her a jet in the future. Who knows?

Well, what do you think of Boity’s desire to own a jet? Do you have similar dreams? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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