Boity Launches A Brand New BT Signature Drink

SA Hip Hop star, Boity launches a brand new BT Signature drink.

Boity is out here getting that bag she’s always talking about. It suddenly feels like her “Own Your Throne” song just came to life. The Mzansi star previously revealed her plans to close out the month with a massive payday. We have a feeling that that could be happening soon.

Taking to social media, she announced the recent launch of her new drink. It’s a peach flavoured sparkling fruit drink called “BT Signature”. She revealed that the drink is now available at all Shoprite LiquorShop stores nationwide. The non-alcoholic version of the drink is also available for the next 4 days.

Boity is making some pretty good moves lately. She’s proven that she can win at everything she ventures into. That includes the media, entertainment and business. You might want to grab yourself a bottle of BT Signature next time you’re out.

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