Boity Pays Homage To Hometown With New Video For “018’s Finest” ft. Maglera Doe Boy, Ginger Trill

Female Mzansi rapper, Boity drops new music video for “018’s Finest” featuring Maglera Doe Boy and Ginger Trill. It pays homage to her hometown, Potchefstroom.

It is amazing all the work Boity has put in this year. From the look of things, she is not slowing down anytime soon. The talented hit maker continues to go hard as she takes over the business space in Mzansi, and claims the airwaves too. Back to the music, she has dropped her first music video for the year.

The new video is for the joint “018’s Finest”. The song is inspired by the hip hop culture in Potchefstroom, with the area code, 018. It also features its artists Maglera Doe Boy and Ginger Trill. The new video pays homage to Potch where the “Own Your Throne” star also grew up. The song is off the previously released album “4463”. You can check the video out below.

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