Boity Replies Troll Who Claimed That Her “Bitterness” Makes Men Not Want Her

Boity blasts a troll who claimed her bitterness is the reason why men don't want her

Boity slams troll who claimed that men don’t want her because of her bitterness.

The craziness we see on social media these days is so much that we cannot begin to explain it. People troll celebrities based on opinions shared on the platform about them. Boity should be used to this by now. However, sometimes things get to you so much that you can’t overlook them.

The “Own Your Throne” rapper recently trended because people believe some of her personality traits (bitterness) is the reason why “men don’t want her”. A fan called the rapper out, saying she isn’t wanted by men because of her “masculinity”.

Of course, she wasn’t going to let that slide. She slammed the troll saying she would remain single for eternity if her only options were “bottom of the barrel ass clowns” like him. She further dragged the troll, calling the men who raised him “Insecure b**ches”. Check the tweets below.

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