Boity Shocked By Alleged Cyber Stalker

Boity is shocked by alleged cyber stalker

Boity experiences shock at alleged cyber stalker.

Guys, Boity has a stalker and she’s freaked out by it. She might as well add cyber stalker to the list of things that she’s encountered on social media. By the way, she only just found out about it.

Apparently, the man goes by the name Igshaan Cyster, and claims he’s South African born. However, he also refers to himself as the ‘King of Mecca’, a city in Saydi Arabia. From his account, it is obvious he joined Twitter in January, and has been obsessed with Boity for a really long while.

He reportedly refers to her as his queen and constantly posts her images on his timeline, and responds to her posts. Boity had no idea about it it until a fan retweeted some of his posts calling her attention to it. She was freaked out by the way. While some found it funny, others didn’t.

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