Boity Thulo Flexes Her Expensive Rolex Watch

Boity Thulo flaunts her R200 000 worth Rolex watch!

South African TV personality, Boity Thulo, is making loads of money and she loves to flaunt her wealth.

The media personality and reality star is a notable star that is showing us her multi-talented she is. It was recently revealed that Boity Thulo makes at least 68k for a sponsored post on her Instagram page. This is surprising because it isn’t even her main career. This explains why the wealthy star owns a car worth 2 million rands as well as a Rolex watch worth 200k.

The ‘Wuz Dat’ rapper recently took to her Instagram page to flaunt her favourite arm candy which consists of a number of notable designer brands such as Cartier and Rolex.

The TV personality displayed her lovely arm which displayed a rose gold and silver Rolex, a rose gold Cartier bracelet and she wore other arm bands that are diamond encrusted. A Louis Vuitton clutch bug was also placed beside her adorable hand.

Boity Thulo captioned the post ‘big girl candy.’

It is no surprise that the super talented star has such an amount of wealth to afford expensive designer assets. The TV personality, reality, star, rapper, actress, model, and businesswoman, and social media influencer is talented in several fields and making money through several channels.

Her reality show, ‘Own Your Throne,’ has received positive reviews from several viewers, who are excited to knowmore about the reality star and learn about her journey to success. Boity Thulo has, in turn, appreciated her fans for loving her show.

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