Boity Thulo Is Not Comfortable With Her Added Weight

Boity Thulo reveals she feels insecure about her weight gain

Boity Thulo opens up on feeling insecure about her weight gain.

Truly, some things you hear just shock you. One being how much Boity feels insecure about her weight gain over the years. The fact that she was named the country’s sexiest woman back in 2011 doesn’t mean she doesn’t think a weight gain is unnerving.

The TV personality has now opened up about it and how it makes her feel.

In an interview with Drum Magazine, she spoke about how insecure she feels about it and how much it gets to her every time anyone talks about it. She has also revealed that she got rid of her scale because it constantly reminded her that she was gaining weight.

Some years back, Boity even created a weight loss pill. She has also admitted that due to her busy work schedule, she let herself go but also confesses that she is currently working on it.

Last year I didn’t post any bikini pictures because I was feeling fat and my clothes really didn’t fit. People who say ‘a little bit of weight gain’ are being kind. I’ve gained a lot of weight. My mom even disses me a few times on the show about it.

It’s something I’m very insecure about. I even got rid of my scale when I saw how much weight I gained. But I’m working on getting my body back,”

After her dms got flooded following her weight gain revelations, she tweeted.

Yes, guys, I’m fully aware that I’ve gained weight. It happens. My work schedule has become intense and I fell off. But I’m back at it.And the #SummerBodyGoals journey continues.”

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