Boity Thulo slays in recent Instagram post

Boity Thulo slays in a recent post made to her Instagram page.

Boity is eye candy and she knows it. If you’re going to come for the Queen, best know she can either choose to acknowledge you exist or just look away. We are guessing she’s chosen to ignore the recent jab Moozlie took at her in her album. Ouch!

So much for calling the queen out. The talented rapper is just a sight to behold. She recently shared a clip of herself looking stunning as always to her Instagram page. In the captions, she revealed she’s a 9 on her worst days. Well, we look like crap on those days.

Boity’s also celebrating the release of her new song “Six Plus Four”. The track is banging and she really killed it. Her recent performance at Million Icons was impressive and she revealed that she had a great time there. Shoutout to her.

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