Boity To Address All The Rumours About Her On Her Own Platform

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If you are a Boity fan, then you probably already know that there are several rumours about her flying all over the place. And she has been mostly silent about them? Why would she be silent, though?

Well, she has just given insight into her silence, noting that she wanted to address all the rumours about her on a platform where she controls the narrative and not anywhere else. Now, that is a motivation to have a platform of her own,

And, indeed, that platform is coming. You heard that right. The rapper is coming up with a reality show through which she would address all the controversies. If you are a big fan of Boity, you already know that she is the face behind the reality show “Own Your Throne.”

Well, according to her, a second season of the reality show is just around the corner. And it is on that show that she would address all the rumours that have been flying about her. In her own words, “At my own time, I will have a conversation, and I want to address everything on my own platforms and in spaces where I control the narrative.“

Well, we are here waiting to bring you all the details when she drops the second season of her show.