Boity’s Five Year Plan Includes Children

It’s no surprise that the OAP cum rapper, Boity who is originally smitten by the idea of having Children, included having children to her five years plan

Checking through her timeline on social media you are sure to see adorable pictures of children. The rapper has now decided to let her fans know that she will indeed be having a child and as to the question when, she reveals she will be having hers within the next five years.

The rapper took to her social media page to make the revelation amidst excitement in planning for the next five years.

See post below;

The rapper has dabbled between the decision of having a kid or not for long due to the fear of having it with the wrong man, like every other woman would fear as well, but the artiste has revealed she can’t wait to experience Motherhood.

Boity recently took to her Social media page to celebrate her achievements and revealed she couldn’t believe the support she got from people to her song upon becoming a rapper, and she is indeed thankful for the support. The rapper of recent is letting fans into her life, with the recent launch of her reality show, she gave more insights into her life.

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